The first project that Lega Pace has chosen to focus on is a women's softball team based in the Gaza Strip. 

In 2018, The first action of Lega Pace was to provide substantial training equipment for these young Palestinian women and their coach. 

Since then Lega Pace has been helping the team create their own federation, which led to the recognition by the Palestinian Olympic Committee  of the federation and allowed it to become member of the World Baseball Softball Confederation.

Providing equipment

The story of Lega Pace started when founder Laura Layousse read an article about women in the Gaza Strip playing Softball with homemade equipment. Sympathetic to their creativity but also their will to change mentalities, she reached out to the French & International Baseball and Softball federations in order to help her to provide  equipment that could improve their practice of this discipline. Thanks to the federations a 125 kg of equipment were sent to the club. Today, the Palestine Federation of Baseball & Softball is growing fast including men and kids on top of the 80 women practicing every day. Lega Pace keeps on providing equipment to all the members of the federation.

Professionalize the Game

Lega Pace's goal is to help the Palestinian Federation of Baseball & Softball to improve their practice and understating of this Sport. After the recognition by the National Olympic Committee and the World Baseball & Softball Confederation, Lega Pace aim is to provide trainings in order to reach an international level of practice. 

The Olympics

At Lega Pace, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts for the projects we look after. The Palestinian Federation organizes men and women championships and why don't we take them to the next level? The team's dream is to attend the Los Angeles Olympics and represent not only Palestine but also fearless women whom seek for emancipation around the world.

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