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A Word From Our Founder

In truth, there would be much and little to say.
My life, to date, has been divided between Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. I have grown up between different cultures, among people of all nationalities and faiths, I continue to evolve within this diversity, and my professional experience has fostered the feeling that it was not only an opportunity, but a necessity.
If it were necessary to put things as simply as possible, I would therefore start like this: Lega Pace was born of one desire and one conviction.
The desire to focus on the individual. On the human being. On the concern for emancipation and joy that must be brought despite the contexts.
The conviction that certain initiatives must be carried out in defiance of manichean discourse, of the traps set by simplifying representations, by affirming the refusal of any form of politician recovery.
Lega Pace therefore aspires to act for individuals, linked together by an aspiration for joy and autonomy, without regard for discourses that would tend to consider human being as simple incarnation of a system or ideology.

To put it another way: any group of individuals driven by aspirations for joy and autonomy, and in a difficult geo-political or cultural situation, is likely to attract our attention. Individuals who seem to be in conflict with each other in political situations may equally seem worthy of support.
I think I can say that in terms of what « openness to the world » should be like, I’ve been lucky. I feel I have to give some of this opportunity back to others. With the help of those who populate this world and also value joy and autonomy.

Laura Layousse

Founder & President 

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