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Lega Pace


Union of persons, nations for the benefit of each other - freedom from disturbance; quietness.

Who we are

A Distinct Identity


LEGA PACE is a non-profit association dedicated to supporting cultural or sports initiatives in developing areas.

LEGA PACE is intended to act outside any political agenda, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation, in the context of strong tensions, wherever individuals aspire, through collective practice of sport and the idea of culture, to claim a share of joy and autonomy.

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What we do

A Will to Act

Our ambition is to provide logistical and financial support to projects that bring together men and women for whom the practice of sport and the field of culture are vectors of emancipation. Men and women for whom the practice of sport and the most fertile idea of culture, in contexts marked by political violence or the weight of the clan order, represents a source of joy, autonomy and openness to the world.

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Gaza Strip

since 2018

The first project that Lega Pace has chosen to focus on is a women's softball team based in the Gaza Strip. 


Since  2020


Lega Pace joins forces with Ladies' Turn established in Senegal, to expand women's soccer across the country. This collaboration starts with an education / soccer program for a Girls' School in Saint Louis. 

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It always seems impossible until it's done.

Nelson Mandela

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